Monday, November 11, 2013

The Delightful Truth about Being Organized

We all want to be organized.  I don't find too many people that enjoy clutter and not finding what they are searching for.  I have come to learn however that each person may be different in what kind of organization is important to them.  For example, my husband is very organized in his everyday life.  He always has his keys and wallet in the same spot.  Always.  I tend to focus more on the behind the scenes organizing.  I like to know that my papers are all filed the way I want or the boxes in the basement are correctly labeled.  Then I go upstairs and look for my keys that are no where to be found.  So he has taught me to be more organized in my everyday life.  Now my keys hang in the same place every night.  Makes my life simpler and things run a little smoother around my crazy house.  Sounds simple but harder to accomplish then what I thought.  It's an ongoing process and things change as our needs change.  One day the shoe rack works in the entry closet, the next it works in the mud room.  Now I realize both rooms needed a shoe rack.  The delightful truth is being organized gives us more time doing what we love.  It's hard work to maintain but so worth it.

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