Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clearing the Clutter

Want to know what my number one problem is when is comes to clearing out my clutter?  I am probably more ruthless then I need to be.  There are certain times of the year I purge and want to simplify my space.  I have some regret in a few items I have gotten rid of in the past.  My solution is I now keep a box with "question mark" items.  We bought our first house about 2 years ago and aren't even close to decorating all of it.  I always think, what won't work in one room may work in another.  Kids artwork and papers are another downfall for me.  There are so many ways to cherish these items so what I do is keep everything I want for the school year.  Then over the summer I go through each and every piece, keeping what I love.  I don't need a report card for every quarter of the school year.  I keep the end-of-year report.  I will confess that I am guilty of keeping every birthday card.  However I did just throw away the pieces of wrapping paper I saved from my daughters first birthday party.  Did I mention she's 13?  Everyone has certain items that are special or possess a strong meaning to them.  I don't recommend starting your organizing take-over with an emotional area.  A junk drawer is good or maybe the cabinet where you keep the light bulbs and other miscellaneous items.  I will just list some pointers to keep in mind when clearing your clutter.

1. Pick your zone, but keep size in mind.  Don't try to declutter your entire kitchen in one day.   You will likely find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated.  Start with a drawer, cabinet or a small closet.  
2. Make 3 piles.  Donate or sell, keep and trash.
2. Be ruthless.  If the item does not serve a purpose or you don't love it, get rid of it.  
3. Decide what to do with the clutter.  Do you want to sell the items or would you rather donate? There's no right or wrong answer.  
4. Enjoy your newly clutter free space.

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