Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Command Center Cabinet

I figure the most logical way to start exploring the command center of our home is to start at the top.   The upper cabinets serve as the zone for everyday items that need to be stored and maybe used quickly.  The very top shelf of the cabinet holds separate containers for tools, cards and scratch paper on the left side.  The three hole paper punch, extra supplies for school work and paper cutters on the right.

  The middle shelf I have sunscreen in a bin for quick access.  

 Next to that we have one of my favorite organizing items.  A lazy susan.  This way I can keep it out of reach of the little ones but the short people in the house (me) can still see everything.  I try to go through this once a month to weed out any expired medications or ones we don't use anymore.  That way it doesn't get too over filled.


On the right side I have a small organizer the has batteries, photo CDs, tape and small extras on the top.  The oatmeal containers are perfect for storing craft scissors and crayons.  Another confession.  I love to label.  I just like to have everything straightforward and easy to find.

I painted the inside of the cabinets with chalkboard paint and we post notes and important information on them.  We have an emergency list that has our address (in a panic you may forget it) and important phone numbers (poison control, parents cell and work, neighbors, doctors).  A school lunch menu and school calendar are hung here as well.

This cabinet is the go-to spot for a lot a items my family uses.  It has the stuff you would find  in a "junk" drawer.  It just looks prettier.  

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