Monday, November 18, 2013

Future Organizer

I am pretty lucky to have naturally "neat" children.  I say that with my oldest two in mind.  My youngest who is 18 months I can already tell is going to push the limits in this area and many others.   The other two however prefer things neat and tidy (most of the time).  So it was no surprise to me when my 6 year old son called me over and enthusiastically told me he organized his book bin.  This usually consist of the books all placed in the bin and somewhat straightened.  This time however I was delighted to see the books organized by size and type.  Proud mommy moment!  It was perfect and so cute how excited he was about it.  Which is why I chose not to tell him that his little sister proceeded to empty out the bin 5 minutes later when he left the room.

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